Boulder Cooperative Food

We are a member owned and operated bulk-food buying cooperative in Boulder, Colorado. We aim to give our members affordable access to simple, high quality food. We operate at cost, and keep costs low by doing the work ourselves and buying directly from producers and wholesalers. Our suppliers include Golden Organics, Frontier Co-op, Costco, Equal Exchange, and Conscious Coffees.


We are democratically governed by our members, and all members share in the economic benefits of the cooperative. New members pay a $25 equity share (refundable if they later choose to leave). This money supports our operations and allows us to place orders without relying on credit. While non-members can make purchases, they pay higher prices and cannot vote in elections. Becoming a member is worth it!


We coordinate orders via an online platform and require electronic prepayment. Orders are placed every 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the supplier, and delivered to the Chrysalis housing co-op (map) where volunteers receive and sort the products. Everyone is then invited to pick up their orders during designated pickup times.

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