Boulder Cooperative Food

We are a member owned and operated bulk-food buying cooperative in Boulder, Colorado. We aim to give our members affordable access to simple, high quality food. We operate at cost, and keep costs low by doing the work ourselves and buying directly from producers and wholesalers. Our suppliers include Golden Organics, Frontier Co-op, Costco, Equal Exchange, and Conscious Coffees.


We are democratically governed by our members, and all members share in the economic benefits of the cooperative. Individual members pay a $25 equity share and institutional members pay a $250 equity share (refundable if they later choose to leave). This money supports our operations and allows us to place orders without relying on credit. While non-members can make purchases, they pay higher prices and cannot vote in elections. Becoming a member is worth it!


We coordinate orders via an online platform and require electronic prepayment. Orders are placed every 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the supplier, and delivered to a central location where volunteers receive and sort the products. Everyone is then invited to pick up their orders during designated pickup times.

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Place and pay for orders at
For a preview, login as username: "guest", password: "password"

  1. Register an account
    Register at If making a personal account, use your name as the username (john.doe, KatieSmith); if making an organizational account, use the organization's name as the username (picklebric, theBeet). Once approved by an admin, you will be notified by email that you can sign in.
  2. Edit your settings
    Edit settings and contact information at Name, phone, and email should be updated as needed to always point to an appropriate contact person.
  3. Configure payments
    Link (and if needed, create) your Dwolla account at Link your bank account to your Dwolla account at You can make payments manually or, strongly encouraged, configure automatic payments at
  4. Place orders
    To search for and add items to your order, select a supplier ("Select source") and click "Order", or use the global "Product search". The listed prices do not include markup (10% for members, 15% for non-members) and sales tax (3.86% for food, 8.845% for non-food). The order cycle proceeds as follows:

    1. Place your order by the deadline.
    2. Either enable automatic payments or ensure your prepaid balance is equal to (or larger than) your shopping cart total. Both numbers are displayed at the top of the page.
    3. On the deadline, the order locks automatically.
    4. An admin generates invoices (only then are they visible to users), triggers prepayments ("pending charges"), and drops users with insufficient balances (and without automatic payments enabled).
    5. An admin submits the orders to our suppliers.
    6. Once the items are delivered and our suppliers paid, an admin finalizes the invoices and archives the orders. Sales tax and any price changes or out-of-stock items are automatically applied to user balances.
  5. Buy member equity shares
    Individual / household membership requires a (refundable) $25 equity share per adult (16+ years old) in a household. If you choose to buy these in installments, please email with your target number so that we know when to consider you a member. Institutional membership requires a flat (refundable) $250 equity share. You can add shares to your order at Members pay a lower markup (10%) than non-members (15%).